Our Philosophy

Common treatments for many gynecological conditions unfortunately focus on the suppression of abnormal function. Additionally, current treatments for infertility focus on the bypassing of abnormal function. These methods, although may yield faster results, do not often last and rarely address the root cause. Instead, they mask the underlying disease process. Our philosophy at The CRRS is different.

The philosophy to our specialized care is simple. We are here to restore your function. Simple as it may seems, it is not an easy task to do. This require first and foremost a comprehensive understanding of the reproductive anatomy and physiology. In addition, a meticulous and systematic approach to surgical evaluation and treatment of disease is equally critical.


Acknowledging that not all disease processes are surgical in nature, CRRS works very closely with our sister practice, Reproductive Health Medicine & Gynecology (RHM) in treating our patients.

While CRRS aims to surgically restore reproductive function, RHM focuses on the medical aspect of restorative medicine - Visit the RHM Website here.