About the Practice

Our Vision

The CRRS was founded to help women suffering from the pain of endometriosis, infertility, or both. Dr. Kongoasa's approach is to restore the reproductive anatomy and to surgically optimize the pelvis. Because up to 80% of women with pelvic pain and up to 50% of women with infertility have endometriosis, one of Dr. Kongoasa's main focus is on the complete excision of endometriosis. This is a central characteristic about the practice of which we take great care and commitment. 

Dr. Kongoasa believes that excision surgery, when done meticulously and thoroughly, is superior to superficial treatment or medical suppression when treating endometriosis. Furthermore, by surgically treating the causes of infertility, couples can avoid the use of repeated artificial reproductive technology (ART) cycles.  

Our Story

Dr. K was fortunate to work at the CEC alongside superb excisionist Dr. Ken Sinervo. But even as he honed his skills at surgical excision of endo, he felt called to move beyond that arena, to help those struggling with infertility. "There are two parts to our name" he says, "'Restoration' and 'Reproduction'. By restoring the anatomy we enhance natural fertility, without resorting to repeated ART cycles. It's the most satisfying work I have ever done."

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Our Approach

Our Story

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Is the CRRS right for you? Dr. K will review your records and provide his suggestions at no cost to you.